Coal Mine Accident Attorney & Natural Gas Injuries Law firm of Stroebel & Johnson serving  Lewisburg, WV and Surrounding Counties

West Virginia is home to a number of coal mining and natural gas companies. These industries can be dangerous, with many rules and regulations that must be followed. It is said that coal miners may be up to six times more likely to die from a workplace related accident than the national average.

Stroebel & Johnson is a coal mining accident attorney and natural gas injuries law firm that has successfully handled difficult cases throughout West Virginia. Our experienced trial lawyers know how to aggressively pursue litigation for your personal injury so that you may be adequately compensated.

Due to the nature of these businesses, there are quite a few risks. Some of the injuries may relate to drilling, explosions, trucking, and handling toxic materials. If you have been injured in any sort of industrial accident related to either the coal or gas industry, or been exposed to dangerous agents, such as asbestos or chemicals, be sure to give us a call.