The Divorce Lawyers of Stroebel & Johnson Provide Family Law Representation in Charleston and Lewisburg, West Virginia

Families change all the time; however, ending a marriage through divorce can be a difficult process even under what could be called ‘good’ circumstances. When there are other issues or arguments, these can add to the discord and amount of work involved in mediating and settling things. There may be  assets and children involved, which can add to the stress, trauma, and sense of loss for all involved.

In order to protect yourself, your assets, and your children, you need the knowledge of Stroebel & Johnson divorce lawyers by your side. Our attorneys are proactive in knowing how to handle divorce matters with sensitivity for all concerned. At the same time, we are aggressive enough to get everything you deserve and to which you are entitled under the law.

When it comes to such things as diving assets and finances, child custody and support, or any other form of negotiation in a divorce situation, having the advice of a trusted attorney can be invaluable. There can be many extenuating factors to consider, such as when spouses or family members are in business together, have pensions or retirement plans, or need to work out parental custody and visitation schedules about the children in a way that is fair.

Be sure to contact our trusted divorce lawyers to review the process and what you need to do. There may be ways of handling the matter collaboratively that are less expensive than litigation, depending on the aspects of the case. Payment for handling divorce matters is required in advance, and we do accept credit cards.