Employment Law Matters

in Charleston, WV and Lewisburg, WV

Stroebel & Johnson Protecting the Rights of West Virginia Workers

It can be hard to find answers about wrongful termination situations—you get different answers from friends or even online sources on the internet. West Virginia is an employment-at-will state, so it is wise to speak with a lawyer with experience in employment law. Call Stroebel & Johnson, PLLC, at (304) 553-0660 in Charleston, or (304) 520-0832 in Lewisburg, for a free consultation appointment today.

Lawyers at Stroebel & Johnson Uphtold Your Civil Rights in Employment

Everyday stress can be part of just about any work situation. However, employment situations that cause workers undue mental distress are against the law. If you experienced psychiatric trauma or injury because of a work situation, you need the strength of a lawyer who knows the state and federal employment laws.

Strong Lawyers Who Provide Help with Injury Retaliation

When you are hurt on the job, workers know they must file for workers’ compensation in order to help meet expenses while they recover. Unfortunately, some employers have a history of retaliating against persons who file for injury-related claims.

Quid Pro Quo Matters in Charleston, WV, or Lewisburg, WV

In the workplace, sexual harassment could be caused by a co-worker or by a person in management who accosts a subordinate employee, or vice-versa. One such abusive scenario involves ‘quid pro quo,’ often where a superior asks for sexual favors from an employee in exchange for being hired, promoted, or to keep their job. Even if this happens once, in West Virginia it may be enough for a case if it involves losing work or your job.

Whistleblowers + Unethical Companies = Volatile Workplace

A whistleblower, by common definition, brings the shortcomings or safety risks of a business to public awareness. If the business is the same company that employs you, this establishes risk involved in making claims in a whistleblower capacity. Unethical companies and whistleblowers can create a volatile workplace. An unethical company may attempt to dissuade employees from speaking out by making examples of whistleblowers in their organization.

Hostile Work Environments Often Mean Discrimination

West Virginia employees who face hostility in the workplace often experience various methods of discrimination. Any form of discrimination is illegal in the workplace. These are serious issues that should not be brushed off because they affect your civil rights. Discrimination includes bias and prejudice based on such things as religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, age, and more.

Charleston & Lewisburg Lawyer to Call When You Are Forced Out of Work

When you need a lawyer to talk with when you are forced out of work, Stroebel & Johnson provides offices in Charleston and Lewisburg. We provide a local place to meet with an experienced lawyer who can help when either circumstances force you to quit your job or certain persons force you out of work. If you experience harassment or discrimination in either the Charleston or Lewisburg, WV, area, call our office today.

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