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Injured on the Job? Get Legal Help for Personal Injuries or Death

Industrial Accidents Cause Major Injuries in WV

Personal injuries caused by industrial accidents result in severe and often life-long pain and disability. Even if an employer has all the right safety protocols under the law and does everything by the book, accidents can and do occur. When an unexpected industrial accident causes severe injury to you or the wrongful death of a loved one, you want just compensation for your loss, pain, and continuing care. Stroebel & Stroebel, PLLC, serves clients in the Charleston area who have personal injuries and need legal services. Call us today at (304) 553-0660 in Charleston, or contact us online for an appointment with our lawyer to discuss the industrial accident. We will listen and care about finding the best outcome to a difficult situation.

Types of Industrial Accidents and Injuries You May Pursue

Equipment Failure or Malfunction
Whether a tire on a forklift blew while operating it with a heavy load and made it crash, or a conveyor jammed while operating, the failure or breakage of a key piece of equipment can mean much more than some downtime in production. Mechanical or equipment problems involving large industrial machinery can cause accidents and injuries that have lasting or lingering health problems. Speak to Stroebel & Stroebel to find out what kind of relief there is for this type of industrial accident.

Chemical or Hazardous Material Exposure – One-Time or Repeated
Depending on the type of hazardous material, industrial workers may be prone to significant illness or injury due to chemicals and more. There are legal precedents set for such things as asbestos exposure and handling. Fiberglass material handling also exposes workers to lung and breathing problems due to inhalation. Skin irritations, burns, and blood-borne particles can result in heavy metal-related illnesses from a number of routine operations in industrial workplaces. If you suspect your illness or injury is due to a history of being exposed repeatedly to such items, you may be able to file suit.

Electrocution and Burns
Industrial projects and workplaces can be likely locations for unexpected electrocution and burn-related injuries. Much of the heavy equipment used every day or on a regular basis gets its power from generators or high-voltage electrical lines. No matter how many “caution” signs the company may have in place or the training classes they provide, the danger for electrocution and burns exists. If your injury relates to an electrical shock incident or related burn injury, speak with the attorney today.

Crush- or Crash-Related Injuries
Industrial accidents are historically known for being injurious to workers, particularly for causing crush- or crash-related issues. Loss of life or limb can be very real dangers in dealing with large machinery, pipes, vehicles, and more. Falling inventory, heavy metal pieces, falls from equipment or high heights may injure workers, caused by any number of associated or related incidents. Speak with our attorney today about your crush- or crash-related injury.

Stroebel & Stroebel Serves Residents of Charleston

Personal injury matters that involve industrial accidents in the Charleston area often include bizarre circumstances. Because of the unanticipated nature of many industrial accidents, there may be no way to prepare or be forewarned as to their possibility. Whether it is equipment failure or malfunction, chemical spill or exposure, electrocution, crush- or crash-related injuries, these can all result in significant injuries to life and limb. Many insurance policies and workers’ compensation coverage handle some amount of health recovery, such as physical therapy. Resident workers injured on the job do have other support in finding just compensation for their personal injuries that occur in industrial environments.