Modifications to Custody or Support Agreements in West Virginia

Family circumstances can be dynamic, and although a final divorce decree may be issued, arrangements and agreements regarding child support, custody, and visitation may need to be adjusted, or modified, throughout the years. From time to time, it is helpful to know that the legal agreements accurately reflect the current situation. Is the amount of child support enough? Is the parenting schedule or custody order being followed?

Contact Stroebel & Johnson, in Charleston or Lewisburg, if you would like to seek a modification to a divorce agreement regarding custody, support, or visitation. These types of divorce modifications can happen for various reasons, and may require negotiation depending on the circumstances. If you have endured a significant change, or the experience that one parent fails to exercise their custodial time, or is preventing the other parent from having theirs, consult with our experienced attorneys to protect your rights and safeguard the interests of your children.