Raleigh County Attorney for Medical Malpractice Fights for Your Rights

When you or a loved one have been injured by the wrong actions of someone in the medical profession, give Stroebel & Johnson a call today. It is reasonable to expect that doctors, nurses, and therapists are supposed to help patients get better and regain strength, not feel worse.

If you live in Beckley, Beaver, Mabscott, or Crab Orchard, we are here for you! Consult with our expert lawyers about your case to see how we can best help protect your rights. We are here to serve communities in Raleigh with medical malpractice and other legal matters.

Raleigh County clients know they can count on Attorney Stroebel and Attorney Johnson for expert advice and aggressive defense in court. You do not need to feel alone, or continue carrying a sense of injustice when there can be something done about it. We are here to serve in Raleigh to listen and to help.