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Getting the answers you need when it comes to employment-at-will and wrongful discharge in West Virginia can be difficult. It can be best to consult with an attorney to review the kinds of exceptions there are in the employment law. Examples of improper termination may include when it happens in relation to discrimination or other hostility in the workplace, whistleblowing, or for medical reasons.

Some other possible examples of discriminatory conduct include:

  • Gender Discrimination/Sexual Harassment
  • Prohibitions on Religious Freedom
  • National Origin/Banning ethnic fashions
  • Failure to accommodate disability or pregnancy
  • Racial Profiling
  • Unpaid Wages or Overtime

At the very least, employing the skilled representation of an attorney may be an excellent way for both sides to come together in an effort to mediate the dispute when a conflict arises. Using a lawyer as an impartial, third party, with knowledge of employment law and rights, may ensure that disputes or disagreements might be settled in a more cost-effective manner, without having to resort to civil litigation in court. It can be reassuring to know you have the services of an attorney who is an expert in all phases, including traditional negotiation, mediation, and trial.

If you feel you have been let go from your job and feel there is some injustice against you, give Stroebel & Johnson a call for a free initial consultation. Let our experienced attorneys help you to get the fair compensation you deserve. There is no fee if we do not get compensation for you.